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How Long Do Roofs Last?

Life expectancies of roofs tend to vary depending on the material. For example, an average shingle roof tends to have about 20-25 years of life; anything longer, and you might be pushing it. Unfortunately, however, living in Northern Illinois, we're subject to harsh weather conditions that can also shorten your roof's life.

Here are a few things to look for to determine the health of your roof:

Ken-Z Roofing shingles and clouds
Healthy asphalt shingles on residential roof in Rockford, IL

1. A Spike in Your Energy Bills

Your windows, doors, and roof all contribute to your home's insulation, so deterioration means weaker insulative properties.

2. Loss of Shingle Granules

Over time, a roof gradually loses granules, but if almost all the granules are gone, or there are large bald patches, your roof needs to be replaced.

3. Torn or Cracked Shingles

If your shingles are curling at the corners, that's a part of your roof's normal aging process, but if your shingles are cracked or torn, then it's time to call Ken-Z.

4. Holes in the Underlayment

There are cases where the underlayment becomes brittle and develops holes, even when the shingles look fine, and a professional inspection is the only way to find these.

So, how old is your roof?

At Ken-Z Roofing, we offer homeowners a FREE 12-point inspection to look for small problems before they become major! Call us today and be WORRY-FREE with Ken-Z! 815-395-8244


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