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How to Detect and Address Storm Damage on Your Roof

Spring showers often bring much more than just rain—they can also bring unwelcome roof damage. Heavy winds, torrential rain, and large hail can gradually weaken your roof over time. As weather patterns become more unpredictable, the risk to your roof increases.

Spotting roof damage is not easy if you’re not a professional. However, inspecting your roof following a storm can reveal any damage that may require expert assistance. Here is what you should check after a severe storm to make sure there’s no significant or lasting damage.

A large piece of hail next to a damaged roof.
Hail damage can compromise the integrity of your roof.

Look for damaged or missing shingles.

Missing or damaged shingles are a common indicator of roof damage, especially after severe weather. 

Curling, cracking, or blistering of your shingles indicate damage or wear. If your shingles are showing signs of noticeable wear and tear, they are at risk of ripping off by high winds. 

Continued exposure to the harsh elements will deteriorate the surrounding shingles. Spot damage early and take proactive measures to prevent these issues from worsening.

Small dents around your home are a telltale sign of hail damage. 

Small dents on your roof may be difficult to notice. Checking other parts of your home for hail damage can help you determine if hail has affected your roof too. Key areas to inspect are your siding, gutters, garage door and windows.

Hail can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks. Hail can deface the asphalt coating on your shingles, leading to deterioration over time. Losing this protection adds more stress and wear and tear to your roof. 

In addition, hail may also puncture holes in your roofing material leaving your home defenseless against water damage. Take note of water spots in your attic and on your ceilings, as they could indicate water leaks in your roof.

Take the initiative to walk around your home and check for signs of storm damage to avoid long-term issues and bigger problems

If you suspect your roof has storm-related damage, call Ken-Z Roofing.

Having your home professionally inspected by a reputable roofing company is the only way to confirm your suspicions. 

At Ken-Z Roofing, we know how important it is to protect your roof from the elements. That’s why we offer a FREE 12-Point Inspection. This comprehensive inspection will assess the extent of the damage and provide you with a free estimate for the repairs.

We can also help you navigate the insurance process after you file an insurance claim for the damage. We’ll provide you with peace of mind through the entire process. So be worry-free with Ken-Z by calling us at 815-395-8244


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