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3 Types of Roof Damage to Look for After Winter

It’s important to inspect your roof for damage once the winter weather subsides. The harsh mix of snow and ice builds up over time and can cause minor or extensive damage. You can help prevent a costly bill by doing a thorough walk-through to spot any damage on your roof or inside your home. Let’s talk about some things you should look out for.

1. Look for Signs of Mold and Moisture

Look for any water spots in your attic or on your ceiling. This can be a sign of a leak, which can cause mold and mildew. You may even notice a musty smell coming from that location. The color of the spots on the ceiling are usually dark and hard to miss.

2. Check for Visible Signs of Damage

Walk around outside and check for any visible signs of damage. This could be missing or damaged shingles, warped wood, or even cracks. Take note of where the damage is and the extent of the damage. This will help you explain your issues to your trusted roofing contractor.

3. Inspect Areas Prone to Ice Dams

Ice dams make it hard for snow to drain properly. The additional water left in your gutters and eaves can cause moisture and mold to grow inside your house. The areas where ice dams form can be at risk for damage because snow can weaken that spot over time.

Call Ken-Z Roofing for a Free 12-Point Inspection

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