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The Dangers of Roof Leaks

No matter how long you've owned a home, roof leaks remain a source of stress and can lead to significant damage when left unattended. Not only are leaks a nuisance, but if left unrepaired, they can be dangerous to your home and your family's health. Knowing the potential dangers can help you stay prepared before a roofing professional can assess and repair your leaking roof.

Brand new gray shingled roof in rockford
Newly Installed Roof in Rockford, IL

Roof Leaks Can Cause Electrical Hazards

One of the biggest dangers of a leaking roof is electrical fires. Without warning, water can drip down onto exposed wiring. Water can enter your wiring, causing shocks, damaging it, and possibly starting a fire. Even excess moisture that enters your electrical panel can lead to corrosion of your electrical wiring and circuit breakers.

Roof Leaks May Lead to Mold and Mildew Buildup

While small leaks may seem harmless initially, they can build up over time and cause structural and health problems. Leaking roofs suggest that trapped moisture cannot escape. The damp areas may become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If left untreated, your home may sustain structural damage by rotting, and you may develop symptoms from mold exposure.

What to Do If My Roof Is Leaking?

With all the potential dangers of leaking roofs, it’s always best to leave the repairs to the professionals. A professional, licensed, and insured roofing contractor ensures a thorough inspection of your home to mitigate any potential risks.

At Ken-Z Roofing, we provide homeowners with a FREE 12-Point Inspection so you can be worry-free. We’ve been helping homeowners like you navigate roof leaks for over 30 years. So give us a call at 815-395-8244 or visit



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